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Safeguard Processing specializes in helping marijuana dispensaries and CBD Companies around the United States use debit processing. As you probably know accepting debit is essential in today's economy.  You can count on us for guidance in choosing the right debit solution that fits your businesses needs and goals.

Why Safeguard Processing?

As most marijuana dispensaries owners know the ability to accept debit cards wasn't always so easy in this industry. As a company we've been working with the cannabis industry around the United States helping dispensaries use Debit solutions since 2009. As of last year we are now helping CBD companies  as well. We strive for excellence and all of our in agents are here to help your business achieve new heights and profits!


Safeguard Processing as a company doesn't care if you're company is the the biggest in the world or a mom and pop shop. WE TREAT EVERYONE THE SAME! Customer care is our TOP PRIORITY. Contact us today and let us show you what we are about!

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